27 septembre 2022 4.00PM – 9.00PM
1 – 2 octobre 2022 8.00AM – 5.30PM
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McKenzie Method of MDT: Part B – The Cervical and Thoracic Spine (French Instruction)


A reliable assessment & classification system that leads you to an effective treatment strategy for your patients


Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® – MDT

To be effective, treatment strategies first require a thorough and accurate assessment. Now is the perfect time to discover why thousands of clinicians worldwide rely on MDT to improve their patient outcomes.  Assess and diagnose patients accurately and confidently using Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.


French Instruction / English Course Material


McKenzie Method Part B – Cervical & Thoracic Spine Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT)

DON’T MISS this fabulous opportunity to further enhance your clinical skills and develop your ability to effectively treat patients with neck ailments.  MDT provides you with the tools necessary to accurately classify your patients and guides you to the most effective treatment plan.


The principles of MDT and how they apply in the context of the biopsychosocial framework of managing patients with cervical and thoracic pain and functional limitations will be a key focus.  The participants will explore and extensively practice the MDT assessment, classification and management process through lectures, workshops, discussions, and patient demonstrations. The classifications of Derangement, Dysfunction and Postural syndromes in the cervical and thoracic spine are described in detail and appropriate management plans are discussed, with emphasis on the use of patient self-treatment procedures and education. Subgroups not fulfilling the criteria of the MDT syndromes are introduced and the basis for their differential diagnosis is outlined.   Follow-up patient demonstrations will illustrate the reassessment process and allow participants to get a realistic feel and understanding of the impact of the MDT system on differing patient presentations over 2-3 treatment sessions.


Course Outline includes:

  • Patient demonstration, analysis and discussion  (approx. 4 patients per course)
  • Pathophysiology and biomechanics of the cervical spine
  • Develop confidence with exercise prescription for neck and thoracic pain
  • Review and treatment of the three mechanical syndromes
  • Cervical headache and trauma (‘whiplash’)
  • Contraindications and outcome predictors
  • Differentiating mechanical neck pain from red flags and serious pathologies
  • Indications for and practice of neck and thoracic manual techniques
  • Thoracic spine: anatomy, pathology, examination and treatment
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Anja Franz, PT, Dip. MDT