5 novembre 2023 10h30 - 18h30 (online)
18 → 19 novembre 2023 10h30 - 18h30 (in person)
Événement hybride

The Physical Therapy Approach to Dyspareunia

This is a 3 day hybrid course with Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord

Day 1: online

Day 2 & 3 : in person, in the clinic

Dates: November 5, 18, & 19 2023

Did you know that up to 20% of women experience pain during sexual intercourse? Imagine the impact on physical and mental health, body image, relationships and attempts for conception. This 3 day hybrid course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help this (relatively silent!) population.

This course includes a theoretical online session, as well as practical sessions in the clinic. It concentrates specifically on the management of women with vestibulodynia, the most common form of dyspareunia in pre-menopausal women. Those who  are unable to have vaginal or anal palpations (ex: pregnant woman, cis-gender male, etc.) are required to bring a friend or model.

Note: The entry-level course on female urinary incontinence is a pre-requisite.


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Centre de Santé Pelvienne and/or Concorde physiotherapy clinic
Pointe-Claire and/or Laval (QC) H9R 2V7/H7G2E6
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Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord

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