16 janvier 2024
12h00 à 13h00
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Dîner-Savoir: Practical physiotherapy approach for treating erectile dysfunction (bilingue)

Dîner-Savoir sur la douleur pelvienne chez les homme, une présentation de Di Wu, PT, MScA, MMed, MBBS, Cert. MDT


Occasion de formation de la série Diner-Savoir, une présentation de l’AQP.

*Les profits seront remis au Fonds québécois de recherche en physiothérapie (FQRP)*

Webinaire de 60 minutes (1HFC)

Practical physiotherapy approach for treating erectile dysfunction

This introductory webinar will showcase how physiotherapists can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). A lot of men post-prostatectomy, younger men who consume an elevated amount of pornography, and men suffering from back pain, suffer from erectile ED. Although these men are suffering and are seeking help, professionals trained to provide this type of care are not readily available. Physiotherapists are health professionals who are well positioned to help men suffering from mechanical erectile dysfunction. Currently not many resources exist out there to guide physiotherapists on how to treat ED, and the courses that exist mostly focus on the use of machines (shockwave therapy) or devices (pumps), which might not be fitting with the Quebec health system and the OPPQ regulation. This introductory webinar will address how physiotherapists can treat mechanical ED without machines or medications by solely relying on clinical reasoning and by prescribing therapeutic exercises.

Learning objectives
By the end of the webinar, physiotherapist will:
1) Understand what type of ED can be treated by physiotherapists
2) Understand why ED can be treated via therapeutic exercises (and the physiological rationale behind them)
3) Understand the overview of the IPC ED treatment algorithmBest

Présentation du formateur invité :

Di Wu is a practicing physical therapist specialized in men’s pelvic health. Before practicing as a physical therapist in Canada, Di Wu was a practicing orthopaedic surgeon in China. Using his knowledge from his medical training combined with his physical therapy experience, he created the IPC framework to achieve a consistent results with his patients.

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